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Dr Michelle Jasmin Dimasi is an Australian anthropologist, writer and researcher focused on migration, Afghanistan and the Middle East. She is the author of Hope, Solidarity and Death At The Australian Border: Christmas Island and Asylum Seekers.


She has consulted for NGOs and governments in the Middle East, Asia and Australia facing critical social and health issues. She has held vice president roles, leading cross-cultural teams in diverse environments. 


Michelle holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Anthropology. She held Adjunct Associate Research positions at Swinburne University of Technology and Curtin University’s Centre for Human Rights Education and guest lectures at universities. 

She has written for Newlines Magazine, Inside Story, ABC News, and the Canberra Times. She has been a program guest on Philip Adam’s Late Night Live and Mo Gawdat’s Slo Mo

Today, she lives between the UAE and Afghanistan and previously lived in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and on Christmas Island. 

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